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Shaykh Muhammad Ziyad Batha

[volunteer imam, TV presenter, publication editor, teacher ]

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Shaykh Muhammad Ziyad Batha was born in the UK where he completed his Qur’an memorisation, Alimiyyah degree and gained an ijāzah in the seven Qur’anic readings from an Islamic seminary.

He later completed a Diploma in Education whilst achieving Qualified Teacher Status, as well as completing an MA degree in Islamic Studies from renowned SOAS University of London.

He has led Taraweeh prayers and fulfilled Imam duties around the world including Australia, USA, and the UK. He currently resides in London where he serves as a volunteer imam, TV presenter, publication editor, teacher, and head of Qur’an & Islamic Studies at a Muslim secondary school. He has appeared on Islam Channel and Iqra TV and has been apart of a range of national Quran, recitation and islamic competitions.