Aqsa Student Legacy Initiative

"In collaboration with student groups and organizations globally"

August (Summer) 2023

Aqsa Student Legacy Initiative

Starting at $ 2,345 USD

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*Prices are per person and based on double occupancy. Single room supplements are available



Our mission is to bring students from across the world to visit the blessed lands of Al-Aqsa. After successfully hosting the first ever UK trip to Al-Aqsa, we would like to expand to the United States, Canada and South Africa! This is part of our initiative to gather mass interest in Al-Aqsa, as part of ‘The Al Aqsa Student Legacy Project.’ The youth are an integral part of this project, as they are the beacons of light for the future, and Aqsa is in need of the youth to visit. We find that students struggle financially to visit the Holy Lands due to high cost and lack of opportunity. It is our goal to provide affordable packages to students and all, so that everyone has the opportunity to visit the Land of the Prophets. As part of our retreat, students will be able to learn about the forgotten history of Al-Aqsa through local tour guides, witness unique experiences, and participate in daily educational sessions accompanied by a scholar, with the theme in mind, to Reconnect with Allah.

6 Day Itinerary Proposal

Day 1:

Arrival transfer from Airport to Hotel in Jerusalem – Main Group Arrival (time)