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Haafith Muhsin Ahmad Sulaiman

[Scholar ]

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Haafith Muhsin Ahmad Sulaiman is a 17 year old born and bred in Cape Town, South Africa. Growing up in a very religious household he started pursuing Islamic studies under the tutorlage of his parents At the young age of 10 he start his hifz journey under the world renowned Shaykh and Qari Shaykh Abdullah Awaldien.

He then moved to Johannesburg to further pursue his Islamic education and Arabic Studies under the scholars of Johannesburg. He is currently furthering his Islamic and Arabic studies under the tutorlage of Shaykh Siraaj Girrie a senior student of the late Mufti Taha Karaan as well as under the tutorlage of Shaykh Muneer Tape amongst others. As well as at the Qurtuba Islamic Institute

He has inspired many across the globe with his motivational talks. He is often called the worlds youngest motivational speaker. He has been recognised by many notable scholars across the globe Most Notably Mufti Ismail Menk. He has been invited to many events and conferences in and around South Africa

Hafith Muhsin Continues to inspire many across the globe.